High Performance Environment GuideCreating a high-performing culture isn’t about spending money on one-off solutions to see one-off boosts in your team’s morale.

Company parties and engaging workshops are a great way to get everyone talking, but going a step further by implementing Employee Development Meetings will help you develop a culture of consistent communication.

While sharing your vision with your team is the first step, consistently embodying that vision is the next. By implementing weekly Employee Development Meetings, you’ll create space for each of your team members to think critically about their work, performance and how they align to the big picture. This individual work with your employees will help you cultivate new relationships between your people and your business, and give them the opportunity to take ownership over their roles.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get started with Employee Development Meetings and create a culture that:

  • Encourages employees to realize their potential;
  • Makes their work more rewarding and progressive;
  • Increases their sense of working with purpose; and
  • Opens possible career opportunities or chances for growth.