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9—$5K to $500K: Jeff's Turnaround Story (Pt. 2)

In Part 1 of Jeff Schneider’s turnaround story, his business, Marketing Ninjas, was on the edge of failure. But, Jeff was determined to keep his business alive. With the support of his coach, Mary Rydman, he began changing the way he worked, turning down time-consuming clients, and building a solid foundation that would allow him to finally scale beyond himself.

But scaling meant bringing in new people, and Jeff needed to focus on making the right hires—people who would consistently give his customers an experience they’d keep coming back for. In this episode, Jeff discusses how his Brand Commitment and hiring process helped him turn his business into one that makes him and his team truly proud.

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8—$5K to $500K: Jeff's Turnaround Story (Pt. 1)

Jeff Schneider’s business, Marketing Ninjas, was on the brink of failure. He was putting everything he had into it, and getting only chaos in return: 80+ hour work weeks in his basement... Read more

7—Doing the Right Thing

At only 19, Ovid Figueroa opened his roofing business, Serrano II. His strong work ethic showed up everywhere in the business: if it wasn’t done right, he’d take care of it. But as Ovid’s... Read more

6—From Technician to Entrepreneur

When Jeff Venn started Create Studios, a web design and digital marketing company, the business was exactly what he wanted. He had more time with his family, went surfing regularly and exceeded his... Read more

5—Building a Business, Not a Job

For ten years, Higher Standards Academy was just Jerilyn Kass. She was doing the work of the business—teaching SAT prep to college-bound students—and growing slowly but... Read more

4—From Client to Coach

In this special edition of On It, Director of Coaching, Adam Traub, and EMyth Coach, Amanda Sutt, talk about their experiences as coaches and former clients. From passion, inspiration and genuine care... Read more

3—Becoming CEO

For some time, Cheryl Pia was running her full service creative agency, Pia, without direction—haphazardly moving from day-to-day, without goals or a plan to grow. But her passion and re-commitment to her business changed... Read more

2—Taylor Made Values

In 1976, Duncan Taylor founded Taylor Made, one of the world’s leading thoroughbred horse farms. Since then, his company has raised horses of legacy, including a Triple Crown ... Read more

1—A Business Without a Blueprint

It’s easy to assume the problems in your business are because you lack systems but in this episode, you’ll learn how personal growth and finding balance between work and life helped Ben Pines, owner of CC Pines, improve his entire company. Alongside Ben is his coach of nearly four years, Ed Sinko. Together with EMyth CEO Martin Kamenski, they talk about how improving company culture always starts with the owner. Read more

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