Position Agreement GuideJob descriptions are useful when you’re recruiting new employees, but how can you hold them accountable to the results you want them to achieve once they’re hired?

Our guide will show you how to write a Position Agreement that clarifies your employees’ responsibilities and gives them guidelines for their work based on your expectations and the desired result.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to write:

    • Result statements that help an employee understand why their position exists
    • Work listings that specify exactly what work is required to produce the result
    • Standards that describe how the work should be performed

When you’re clear on the standards and results you need from the positions in your business, you’re eliminating confusion for your team and making it easier for them to perform. With our Position Agreement guide and template, you can create a documented system to help you and your employees make sure they’re staying on top of their responsibilities. You’ll create consistent results because you and your employees will agree on what they’re accountable for and how their performance is measured.