The Seven DynamicsAt EMyth, there’s a system we use with our clients to give them an overall perspective to work on their business. There’s seven parts:

  • Leadership is in the center and it touches every part of your business.
  • Brand is all about your customer, who they are, what they want, and how to create an experience and messages they’ll respond to.
  • Finance covers all your financial systems, from account to cash flow.
  • Management is about people—hiring them and keeping them happy, productive, and growing.
  • Delivery is how you deliver your product or services and create delighted customers who buy again and again.
  • Sales is about helping prospects become customers, and…
  • Marketing is about how your business turns strangers into prospects in the first place.

Fill out the form to print out the model and take some time to note next to each section what you’re already doing in that area. What systems (and people) do you already have in place? Is there a “how we do it here” you may not have defined? How would you like it to be?