Choose a Direction

Planning for 2017 starts by imagining the impact you want your business plan to have this year.

We’ll show you how to create a theme for your plan and how to get clear on what you want to accomplish so you’ll have a definitive focus and direction for all of your actions.

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Assess Your Business

Before you can get into the details, you’ll need to assess the current condition of your business.

You’ll evaluate your business, discover the areas that need the most development and where you have opportunities for growth.

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Develop Your Priorities

Based on your assessment, you’ll prioritize your business’ needs.

In this step, you’ll connect your ideas for the future with the current state of your business and commit to a small number of projects—each with a clearly defined outcome.

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Create Goals

With a clear direction, we’ll move on to the details by creating quarterly goals and monthly actions.

By breaking down your list of projects, you’ll gain a sense of the resources, time and personnel needed. From there you’ll be able to identify each step needed to achieve your quarterly goals.

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Assign Accountabilities

It’s time to bring in your team by assigning accountabilities and due dates.

You’ll detail the specifics of each goal and project by associating them with a specific member of your team and creating a calendar for the year.

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Add Flexibility

With your plan almost complete, the final step is to document assumptions and allow for change.

As your knowledge about your business grows, you’ll build flexibility into your plan by establishing a formal review process.

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