Join us for Immersion

Our training program is so much more than a certification.

As an EMyth Coach, you’ll get access to our world-class resources and tools in our interactive online Coaching Hub. You’ll have front-to-back billing and admin support, advanced training opportunities and join a community of diverse coaches—so you’ll have all that you need to build a coaching practice that grows with you.

We don’t have any Coach Training sessions planned for the remainder of the year, but it's still a great time to start talking to us about becoming an EMyth Coach.

Schedule a call with us.

  • Talk about what it’s like to be an EMyth Coach and how that might fit into your life
  • Learn about EMyth’s strategic direction and how that influences your Coach Training opportunity
  • Find out what you can do now to prepare for EMyth Coach Training later

We believe a good business is built on trust, respect, competence, care, partnership, and co-creativity. In short it starts with building a relationship with people and not just a brand. Whether you have questions about becoming a coach, coming to Immersion, or would like to introduce yourself, we’re here for you. Just fill out the form to get to know us in person.